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Stolen from various people - thank you!

Do you have a good relationship with your parents? Not often. But then, who really does?
What is/are your favorite body/face features? Eh...they've GOT to have good hair. And eyes. And musician's hands do NOT hurt.
Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Introvert. Mostly.
At a party, are you mingling or talking to one person in a corner? I'm mingling till I meet the person I end up talking to in a corner.
When you buy stamps, does it matter what the design is? I used to collect and my dad still does, but I never send letters so I never buy stamps anyway.
Do you have any animals? ~pets Sirius~ No.
Do you believe in ghosts? Yes.
Do you like to cook? Um, yes, I love it, actually.
What kind of bathsoap/shower gel do you use? Camay! I have Camay! ~bounces~ Um, nobody'll appreciate the significance of that.
What color is your bedspread? Black here, white with sunflowers at home. ~shudder~
Do you prefer medium or fine point pens? Fine.
Do you wear thongs or panties? Do I honestly look like I own any thongs? Even if I were bought one I'd just send it to David Beckham.
Do you have any brothers/sisters? Two half-brothers whom I don't speak to much.
Do you play any instruments? Just my voice and a bit of nothing on the piano.
Have you been anywhere outside of the US? Read : UK, and yes.
Who do you like better: Leno, letterman, Kilborn, or O'brien? Eh...Leno, but they're all awful.
Are you more outdoorsy or indoorsy? Indoorsy.
What is your favorite smell? Vanilla, Cerruti 1881, Paloma Picasso, melting butter, and some nameless perfume I come across every now and again.
Is your style more glam, trendy, comfortable, sporty, or conservative? It's quite glam, really, I suppose.
You have a box of chocolates: Nuts, chews, or cremes? Cremes.
Do you wear any jewelry on a regular basis and what? I wear whatever comes out of the box. Nothing right now though.
Do you have any tattoos? Once day.
Are you more conservative or liberal? Conservative.
Who's your favorite painter/artist? Too many to list.
Who's your favorite poet? Um...no? Um, um, um, ~grabs randomly~ Simon Armitage. Briefly. NO! I know. It's Sassoon. Yes, it is.
Are there any causes you are interested in? Not really.
What's your favorite veggie? Asparagus.
What's your favorite fruit? Green apples.
What's your favorite comfort food? B&J Ice Cream.
Are most of your friends male or female? Female.
Are most of your friends older, younger, or the same age? Older.
Including a shower, how long does it take you to get ready? Depends.
What was your favorite class in high school? English.


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