DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Transfixed upon the ink he starts to think that the girl is for real

Currently sobbing my way through watching Inkheart, finally~ it is great in many ways. Some small part of me laments my youthful innocence, you know, back when I could have watched it and somehow avoided going 'crikey, that. young thief is awfully keen on following Paul Bettany around, isn't he?' and then trying to keep out the ensuing endless slash-based nonsense. I mean, he's married to Jennifer Connelly, but obviously the society he comes from, I mean, the way he looks in the flashbacks to his own world, I'm sure there would have been striking young men who SERIOUSLY, ONE DAY THERE WILL BE A FILM I DON'T DO THIS TO, but it will have to be full of ugly people, and then I won't be watching it. :/

Edit : s-sorry, I can rational my way out of him saying "I'd only follow you" and that, but the point at which he's tying people up and Paul Bettany goes "You're very good at that" and he just smirks, I'm sort of at a loss here, guys. What else am I supposed to do with that? I mean, really.


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