DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Got nothing to lose, like shattered glass

H...wh...why...how? Why?

I'm sure I had other things to say. Well, I did - many, really, but I can't manage to write anything, of course, like usual. A weekend happened, there was a club night, I danced to some things, I saw some people, some people were very nice to me, I didn't sleep enough, last night I went to bed at half past eight and I am still tired.

Last week was very hard. I don't know why it's got so bad again; I'm not sure I've been this off-kilter since 2006, and we all know how much fun that was. I'm not sure what to do about it; I want, really, to have a week to myself, where I just go to work and come home and drink tea and watch this damn boyband I keep meaning to tell you about dancing around, and go to bed, and sleep, and try not to have constant nightmares. But I can't do that, because there are people I haven't seen in too long, and if I don't see them then, you know, I stop existing! Or something.

Ugh. And here I am talking about myself again; I didn't mean to, really, I meant to say thank you to the people who were lovely on Saturday night, but now I feel too guilty for saying anything at all and that I shouldn't say anything because why would they want their names associated with me? It's all like this, at the moment.

So in the name of giving you something else to think about, do you know what's seriously brilliant? This is seriously brilliant. Watch out 2009 etc etc.

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