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Thank you, asrana!

Top 5 songs people should give a listen -
"Sound Of Thunder", Duran Duran
"The Noise", John Foxx
"Daydreamer", Menswe@r
"Not Even If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth", The Dandy Warhols
"Astradyne", Ultravox
but that's just today's list. ~s~

Top 5 qualities in people that annoy you -
Pretending to be from South-East London
Injustice (sort of)

Top 5 things that turn you on about guys/girls -
Guys who look like girls and girls who look like guys
Men. In. Makeup. ~thunk~
Guys who are genuinely hold-doors-open gentlemanly.
And gothness. ~s~

Top Five movies you watch all of the time -
Velvet Goldmine
The Wedding Singer
when I get copies :
Hedwig and
Harry Potter

Top 5 things people should know about you -
I love music
I love makeup
I'm bisexual
I like to get my own way
I'm in Slytherin

Top 5 things on your desk right now -
CD player

Top 5 things I talk about the most -
English-type stuff

Top 5 things you do not understand about your own sex -
Why people think they're so great
Why they insist on having plastic surgery
Why they wear red nail varnish (not to mention why men think it's attractive)
Why they develop Tracy accents and men don't
Why they'd ever try to be inelegant


I was really entertained by this one. ~g~ Where'd you get it?

Name: Emily
E-mail: ew1@roedean.co.uk
Music Preference (genres): 80s 80s 80s, and modern electronica, and always open to suggestions
Favorite Colour: Black, purple, electric blue
Favorite Animal: cats and snakes
Least Favorite Runt Candy: ~eyebrow~ We American again then hmm?

Section II: Good or Bad?
Rain - Good - usually.
Pain - Good - often.
Shine - Good unless it's the sun.
Gummy Bears - Good when you're in the mood for them.
Songs that hurt you - Good. All music that has an effect on you is good.
Capsules that turn into foam animals - Can't say I've ever come across them.
Capsules that turn you into a foam animal - Bad, definitely.
Dirty notes from high school - Good. ~gls and nods at Silk & Javelin~
Dirty notes from grade school - ~frowns at American terminology~
Metacognition - Sorry?
Poop games - Bad. ~shakes head~ Kids.
Broken glass against the head games - Better. ~s~
Tourniquet games - Good.
Sex - Depends.
Cover songs - Usually fucking awful. Speaking of which, there are two more half-arsed useless covers of 80s songs - poor old "Wonderful Life" and, worse, "The Neverending Story". Eep.
Latency - ~shrug~
Slim Shady - Good.
Mice - Bad.
Mouses - Not too bad.
Superman - Not nearly as interesting as the X-Men.
Protein Coat - Remind me.
Stamen - ~looks faintly baffled~
Hallucinogenic Fruit - Good, probably.
Hangers with the piece of paper on them - Irritating.
Lampshades - Good, particularly when used as hats.

Section III: Which is best?
01. tacks / straight pins / rubber cement - Rubber cement.
02. Jesus / Bill Gates / Cyndi Lauper - Cyndi Lauper
03. pieces / parts / chunks - pieces
04. pigs in a blanket / ice cream sandwich / lye - ice cream sandwich
05. stun gun / mace / AAA batteries in a sock - ROFLMFAO
06. pokemon / furby / tomagotchi - pokémon
07. gay / straight / curly - gay
08. ping / pong / pang - PING!
09. loving / fucking / fisting - ~bursts out laughing and has to be sedated before she can carry on~
10. zero / void / botch - zero
11. butter / gravy / lard / powdered milk / phat - butter
12. bitch / bitz / biznatch / bastich / bzitch - ~ggls~ I like "bastich".
13. vodka / whisky / gin / rum / tequila / beer - vodka
14. deodorant / expectorant / laxative - ~shakes head~ I want to meet the guy who wrote this.
15. balloo / tepoy / muntjack / younker / cat scan - muntjack. They're cute.
16. oxygen / helium/ radon / thylenedioxymethamphetamine / heavy water - heavy metal
17. urinating / defecating / kangaroo - kangaroo
18. neutron / electron / photon / Roddy Piper - electron
19. lions / tigers / bears / oh my! / fruit bats - oh my! ~falls apart in hysterics~
20. parmesan cheese / salt / garlic / bacon bits / filings - salt

Section IV: Yes or No?
Are you weirded out by Egypt? No.
Ever been photographed nude? When I was about three.
More than once? Yes, when I was about three.
Ever taken a purity test? Yes.
More than once? Yes.
In the nude? No.
In mixed company? No.
"Tundra Baking?" WTF?
Have you a God? Yes.
Fancy you a God? Yes.
Eaten Mescaline Cupcakes? No.
Want to? Probably not.
Is your innocence dripping red? .......~meep~
Are you related to Zamfir, Monte Cazzaza, or the Dissonant One? Zamfir? @goes off into Duranfic land~
Have you ever been 31337? Eh?


Blah. Anyway. Better get over to main school.

Love! ~throws flowers~


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