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Hi there. I had another post I meant to write today, but I am reminded that the deadline for my aunt's Work Christmas Music Charity Quiz Thing is this Friday and I promised her I'd ask my Flist for help because you're all so wonderfully clever and hip.

So aren't you lucky? You get a music quiz instead of an actual post. They have some answers, but where those are followed with "???" I have left the questions in anyway in case they're wrong. Or, sometimes, because I knew they were. (No, it is not 'New Moon On Monday'.)

Section 1: VIDEOS

It's either the story in the video, or a 'memorable' part of it. All the singles reached the official UK Top 40 singles chart. A point for the record and a point for the band/singer (unless otherwise stated).

1. As well as performing in a pub, the group members play various characters e.g. policeman, jogger, shopkeeper; various masked children run around and dance.

2. Set in a casino, the group manage to steal a customer’s necklace containing a key to a caseful of money.

3. Singer trashes a wedding car; tries to smash a guitar in a shop; has their hair caught on fire; saws down a tree; hands over two bottles of urine for a couple of boys to drink, etc, etc.

4. Singer grooms, trains and rides his horse to win a Rider of the Year rosette.

6. Butlers bring along and arrange a fancy dinner service for the band members outside a New York department store. Breakfast At Tiffany's - Deep Blue Something (how could I forget?)

7. Lead singer often lying on his back – sometimes held down by his band mates; chicken eating; shower taking; head in a bowl of water; lead singer blows smoke and spits.

8. Lots of matches being lit; lead singer wears an unbuttoned shirt.

9. Brightly coloured tights and microphones (the latter with the individual singer’s name on); group perform on moving white blocks.

11. Video footage of the group frolicking by a pool with their partners and a dog; various explosions in a house.

12. Shot in black & white; singer is a police officer who’s very friendly with a fellow officer; makes an arrest; gets earrings as a present from her boyfriend.

13. Groom takes ages to say ‘I do’ at the altar; person in a hotdog costume gets knocked over; there’s bikes, baseball bats, hula hoops and a zebra.

14. A woman turns on the TV to watch a DJ’s set; strips to her underwear, and starts to knock down a wall and smash the TV.

18. Group hanging around on a basketball court; all bar one has at least one earring; suddenly pours down with rain – one of the soaked shirts is peach coloured.

19. Partly shot in black & white; old fashioned bathing suits; synchronised swimming; band play around with a football across a bridge.

21. Group in trouser suits have a dance off with themselves dressed in ‘street’ clothes; lots of other dancers join in.

25. Rival groups turn up (some with flags) and clash as a helicopter flies nearby; there’s some explosions and falling into water, and some people are sucked into the air.

30. Band member knits, prepares food and cleans & tidies the house; she changes in to a glamorous blonde and starts trashing the house before leaving. I Love To Listen To Beethoven - Eurythmics

Section 2: Album covers

These have all made the Top 40 in the official UK album chart. 1 point for the artiste, 1 point for the album title

33. Singer with dyed pinky orange hair in pink outfit & stilettos, on the floor arching their back.

34. Singer wearing a white shirt, black trousers, white plimsolls and long necklace; right hand in trouser pocket; leaning to their left with their left hand resting on the top of a wooden chair which has a ‘z shaped’ leg

36. Cartoon images depicting the songs on the album e.g. open jam jar & spoon; aeroplane & Xmas bauble; singer wearing an old maid’s dress.

40. Various coloured triangles, also showing 3 eyes, a mouth and a pink checked shirt.

42. Grey pin-stripe suited singer, with striped tie and cream hat; head slightly bowed; hands touching sides of the hat. Brown door in the background to the singer’s left and an out of focus hat stand (or pole) in the foreground.

43. Small picture of singer; cartoon images of settees, flowers, cogs, piano, people, etc

44. Blurry picture of singer wearing a red hat, denim-looking jacket, pale top, striped tie (or scarf) and large belt buckle; with their mouth open and arms thrown up in the air, bent at the elbows.

46. Cartoony images of atomic cloud, skyline & helicopters, ‘don’t walk’ sign, palm trees, snarling dog, gas mark, bomb, yellowy astronaut suit, etc.

47. Band in dark suits (with one member wearing a hat and sunglasses), unsmiling in a field, having their photo taken by a man wearing a striped hat and using an old fashioned camera

48. Band in what looks like a dimly lit room of a stately home, with numerous pictures on the wall – including a very large one depicting an angel on some steps; one member has a large book opened; 3 of the 4 members are looking to their left (the other is looking straight ahead)

49. Band members jumping up in the air; 3 of them are wearing open waistcoats; one has a striped top; one has a white vest top & his hands in his jean pockets.

50. Cartoon image of the singer with their hands behind their head and their cloudy print dress blowing up with various creatures (goblins, butterflies, birds, bats etc) emerging from it.

51. Singer sitting at the kerbside with his head resting on his left hand and looking to his right; wearing dark jeans and a brown jacket

52. Singer wearing high heels, light turquoise blue belted top and stripy scarf, sitting on a suitcase, leaning slightly back on her left hand; vey blue sky.

53. Hand rising up amongst some rooftops; on the hand is a woman in a long yellow dress dancing with a man in a white suit who has coloured rays coming out of his head.

54. Extreme close up of two people just about to kiss (one chin and part of a nose are also visible)

56. Singer’s face with blue & white ray of light coming out of either side of their head.

57. Various members of the group sitting on blue, green, purple and red settees.

59. Greeny cover; young man in a dark coat carrying some belongings; other worried looking adults & children.

60. Close up of the singer with a finger (which has a symbol on the top of it) pointing up; cartoon image of a grey and red male ‘angel’ on each shoulder.

61. Singer on a bike; bulldog wearing a police officer’s hat & biting a record; lion with a crown on its head; a black taxi; shoes, etc.

62. Singer dressed in black sitting on a wooden chair with their legs resting across on another wooden chair; guitar lying on the floor.

63. Black & white picture of a man in a suit sitting on a bed looking at a mask lying on a striped pillow; boxing gloves hanging on the wall.

64. Set in woodland with someone dressed in a weird mainly pink costume & helmet coming up to the top of an escalator.

65. Three men dressed in black (2 are blurred and none are fully shown) by a black & white photo of themselves in front of a camper van when they were younger.

Section 3: TV and other ‘highlights’ in late 2008 (for 1 point per answer, unless otherwise stated)

66. Who admitted in a TV interview that, despite recording numerous albums, he couldn’t sing or play the guitar? And, for an extra point, what particular recent event in his career was his comment referring to?

71. At what reoccurring event in soap land did Everything I Own, Heaven and About You Now feature? For an extra point each, name the 3 soap characters who were directly affected by the events. [I can’t better explain the latter part without revealing the first answer…]

73. In this year’s Children in Need (which featured the work of the Children’s Trust):
Which singer of the group sang the first line of the first song performed on the night?
for a point each, which 3 songs featured in the Strictly Come Dancing section (two celebrities took it in turns to dance, and then the professional dancers danced)
for a point each, which songs were performed either side of the 10 o’clock news?

74. Which X Factor contestant sings the first line of lyrics to the chart topping ‘Hero’? [i.e. not the few seconds of warbling at the start]

75. Which soap character won a competition to attend the recent MTV EMA awards? For an extra point, what did they have to do to win the competition?

76. Which singer currently features in an E4 Music channel advert where they are in a lift with a stripping nun?

Thanks guys. xx


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  • (no subject)

    So I was just thinking, ugh, I'm too crazy to post another song, why would I even bother anyway, when I was suddenly reminded of a track I had on Now…

  • (no subject)

    You know when everyone is going crazy about a book, or a film, or a band, and you just get sick to death of even seeing it mentioned, even by people…

  • (no subject)

    Well, clearly I'm not going to manage to post a song every day, because for the last...what is it, like, six? I have kept trying and then deciding…