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Woo Hoo. Better. ~g~

So anyway, we went to London yesterday and now I'm all better - principally because we were supposed to be at an English conference-thing, but we actually spent the day shopping in Covent Garden and Oxford Street. I bought my aunt one of these for Christmas...lucky my aunt, I've always wanted one...and The Blue Planet on box set for my mum & dad...so now I have no money. ~ggls~ Anyway.
I also spent the coach journey going "Oh, my god" at my John Foxx greatest hits CD. I'd never realised how good it was, and it...is. ~shakes head~ Particularly "Enter The Angel", "Like A Miracle", "Your Dress", "Endlessly", "Nightlife" (Visage in 1997, basically) and the sublime "The Noise", which I simply cannot believe was recorded in 1995. Love love love love love love love.



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