DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Hello, nice people of my Flist.

I have to write a CV. Sort of today, if possible. I have been looking at templates for CVs on the internet and have come to the inevitable conclusions that a) I am very stupid and b) I can't work from templates; my brain can't process the helpful advice on them.

Would anyone be prepared to send me theirs? I know all you working people will have far more impressive and extensive ones than mine, but I work much better when I can see something specific to adapt than when I'm just faced with generic 'replace this text with some text, you should know what to put here' boxes. :/ Sorry, guys. I'm slow. (lolliepopp was lovely and did this with me once, but I seem to have brilliantly mislaid it.)
Edit : Sorted! And within minutes, too :) Thanks, guys.

I don't like today, but rather than hiding in bed I am endeavouring to make something useful out of it, I suppose.
...possibly I'll just hide in bed. :/

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