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Well, y'know...

...we all have bad days. This was one - not just for me, it seems.
I don't know how to get out of this, but I expect I will, sooner or later. I've just spent an hour venting about my dad, and I feel slightly better. We'll be singing Britten in choir, and I've got Air on my CD player - thank god for music. This really is very beautiful. ~nods towards CD player~ Everyone should have it.

Spell your name backwards: Floow Ylime. ~tilts head~ Surely some kind of bad guy the Turtles would have had to fight...
Where do you live? At home.
Describe yourself in three words: New Romantic Diva
Who is your worst enemy? Annabel Fucking Smeeth. Oh, and miserable goths. ~ggls@an entry I made once~
If you could have ANY animal for a pet, what would it be? A snake.
Have you ever used a spork? No, I got the foon.
Do you even know what a spork is? Of course I do.
What is the latest you've ever stayed up? I usually drop asleep around 5am if I do stay up.
Ever been to Belgium? Yep, and I'll be spending Christmas there.
What's your favourite coin? 50p pieces and bright shiny 2ps.

Random, but still, it takes up some of the time, non?

I repeat, thank god for music. ~sighs~

I've said some things I didn't mean, today.

But not about my dad.

I realised this is going to be the first weekend ever when I'd genuinely rather be here than go home.


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