DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

I'm not that girl

The weekend featured a trip to Chessington for the first time in, you know, too long (it's always too long) with asrana, and also booklectic and dr_d and child - no matter how old I get or lame I realise it is, I will always keep going back to that place, as it's the first theme park I ever went to and thus contains the first rollercoaster I ever went on. Formative experience is formative. I like it there.

It was good, and then yesterday too was good, as in the evening booklectic and I went to my birthday present from her this year - Eurobeat, a musical dedicated to Eurovision. I know. I can hear some of you weeping from here. It was great. It was glittery, and camp, and offensive, and great. There was a man with very nice arms. I wanted to take the man's arms home with me but I wasn't allowed to. Also, there was a surprise olethros at dinner beforehand, which as an addition to this year's birthday present probably couldn't be improved on.

Today I am back at work before going to Wicked with booklectic and asrana as part of her birthday present; very much looking forward to that.

Book and flower icon because I am still feeling pensive and wistful and fragile and stupid, much as I was when posting last night. But now I will go back to my databases and I'm sure they will help. :) With the fragile, and maybe the stupid; not so much with the pensive, or the wistful, or the hating myself for not being who I was. But a little help will do.


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