DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Back at work today. It is probably not healthy to be this excited about what is technically, I suppose, data entry. (Poirot; Caruso. Separated at birth?)

At last, it is autumn. I know it is, because it doesn't feel wrong to listen to Type O Negative any more. Hurrah.

I love autumn. Autumn means my favourite day, my favourite weather, music, fashion trends, scents in the air, scents in my ridiculously overflowing box of perfume. :) Autumn means I can wear Guy Fawkes - her perfume smells of burning leaves, seriously - and Punkie Night and Bonfire Night and Samhain (which would be my signature scent, if only I could wear the thing all year round, but it doesn't feel right outside of autumn) and Harvest Moon and Danse Macabre and Pumpkin Spice and and and. (More things I shouldn't be this excited about, probably.)

God, it was good to get out the door this morning and think, I *want* to leave the house, so I can be outside in this. Please, no sudden heatwave. I wish all days could be like this, but colder.

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