DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Shed one tear it's just routine

That was an extremely good weekend with my lady wife, marred only by some charmer who leaned out of a car window and shouted "You're fat!" at us at two o'clock in the morning. What is the point of doing that, honestly? They drove off without even waiting to see our reactions. What's the point? Last week as I walked into the cinema to go and see That Film some teenage boys started laughing and calling out "Earthquake!". Presumably there's something in the water.

I had dinner with my parents last night, and among other things talked about the thoughts I've been having about memory with them, because I thought it might be useful for them to know since it does actually explain quite a lot about me in some ways. I should have expected dad's response - he told me he couldn't see why this was some kind of revelation, because everybody works that way. I mean, he does, and mum does, therefore everybody does! Of course.

I've spent a lot of years having Conversations With My Dad and by now I've got quite good at knowing how to put things. By the end of that half hour he and mum had realised that they, too, had always assumed everyone else worked like that - just like I did - and that they, like I was, might be wrong. Getting my dad to realise that he might be wrong about something is no simple achievement. I'm quite pleased with myself really. :) It's partly because he doesn't really like people, so he doesn't talk to them, so all he has to base conclusions on are himself and his two friends, and mum, and all of us are emotional basketcases whose memories of events stick to us like dryer sheets, so he's always assumed that was how it worked for everyone and, like I did, that the people who do 'let go of' or 'forget' things are just incomprehensibly insensitive and horrible. :) Maybe now he'll give people more of a chance ...wait, no.

Anyway, work. And then seeing That Film with the clockworkwasp tonight. At some point I will actually try to write something about it. Spoilers : Luke Goss is hot.

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