DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Hey, some you win.

I have been over at the frozen_in_honey place, mostly playing 'what does this do?' on their Wii and writing overwrought nonsense about Hellboy in notebooks, and things. I like it there. They are good people, and I got to see their ex-housemate again today which made me happier than you would believe, I have missed that boy something chronic.

Work again tomorrow. I have a desk, and everything, now! Well, a small table at the wrong height, but still. It's almost as if they like me. :)

And then at the weekend Electric Dreams are having a John Foxx/Ultravox/Numan night. I said, Electric Dreams are having a John Foxx/Ultravox/Numan night! for those at the back who didn't hear. It's at the London Stone. I will be throwing shapes. notintheseheels will be watching me in amusement, no doubt. It'll be fun.

Some you win. ♥, Flist. I hope those of you at Bicon for the next few days have an awesome time.


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