DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Other musical high points of the day :

* Madonna as covered instrumentally by a Mariachi band
* Realising that the only versions of 'Born To Be Wild' I own are an instrumental moog cover that sounds like mice on tricycles, and the one by Ozzy Osbourne with Miss Piggy.
* Lily Allen vs. Blur. Trust me.
* The Brian Setzer Orchestra covering 'Everybody Wants To Be A Cat'. I think this is going in with 'Half Fling' on my list of Songs It Is Impossible To Stay Depressed Listening To.
* A full-length version, finally, of my favourite mashup of all time, the Björk vs The Cure one that makes my hair stand on end no matter now many times I listen to it.
* And, and I realise what I'm admitting to here, mp3 files of the songs from a tape my mum bought me when I was too young to know any better, called Celtic Romance. Yeah, there's birdsong. Oh yes. And streams. But I loved it, and I never pretended to have any credibility :)

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