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And just 'cause it'll make me feel better...

~lines up Roger's lack-of-power-of-speech, Andy's hair, John's yes-it's-all-in-the-past-now drugs, Warren's shirts-not-that-he-usually-wears-any-but-when-he-does-they're-fucking-awful, Nick's clothes-from-1986-to-the-present-day, Simon's ego, and Joe~

~gets out a motherfucker of a flamethrower~

~torches the lot~

I may love you, but you're not fucking perfect, you bastards.

Ah, what the hell. ~explodes the whole of Duran~ There. Now my reason for living is blown to bits, perhaps I can get on with things.

~watches Nick's hair, impervious to every explosive thanks to being dyed so many times, float down from the rafters and land at her feet~

~kicks it~

~leaves the 'Tiger Tiger' warehouse~

~folds up and cries~

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