DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Hi, I am an idiot.

I have been pushing Japan (the band) on people like some kind of music drugs baron for the last...crikey. Their In Vogue compilation was almost the first CD I bought. Eleven years, maybe?

I've owned Gentlemen Take Polaroids for almost as long and I'd still never listened to the title track until just now. I just have too much music to keep track of all of it and I'd assumed I would feel the same way about it as I do most post-glam-rock Japan; it's lovely, but I don't really understand it. Apparently my brain has caught up with whatever they were doing back then because now I'm in tears. My god. Here, watch this, listen to it, god it's beautiful.

I could go on and on and on about Mick Karn's bass, but I'll spare you. The HARMONIES. By the time they get to Tin Drum the harmonies are very very different and they've decided What They Want To Be (which is, you know, from China) which is all very well, but this...this is something else. Excuse me, I am going to faint now. (Also, David Sylvian was beautiful and WOULD YOU LOOK AT THE DRUMMER and THERE IS AN OBOE) okay. stopping now.

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