DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Fail, Morpheus.

Just woken from a dream in which Chris Corner, Noel Fielding, some old schoolfriends, some of you lot, a couple of entirely random people, and me, gatecrashed a huge party that was happening at a newly-converted hotel (formerly a stately home) in the New Forest somewhere. Much fun was had though I remained steadfastly Not Cool Enough for the goings-on around me; Chris Corner was married to cookwitch and he spent most of the night dealing with the concerns of a very small person called Rose - I lost track of what was going on around 3am when some people downstairs started a food fight and I had to go and hide in one of the bedrooms. Where I was joined by Noel Fielding.

Yes, thank you, I was just about to sleep with Noel Fielding, except no matter how many switches we pressed in the room the damn lights wouldn't go off - it was like that game, for every light turned off another two came back on - and then I woke up.

Still not very well, either. I am discontent. Bah.

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