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Tales from the Hall part whatever

One of my favourite headshots in our programme collection is of a young violinist from 1913.
For one thing, his name was Florizel von Reuter, and I'm not sure you can really have a better name. For another, by the time he gets to 20 (as he would have been then) he really is extraordinarily beautiful, though the internet only carries childhood pictures of him that faintly suggest Simon Amstell's Good Twin.

On a whim I Googled him just now and discovered the following :

Florizel von Reuter
Professor and director of the Master School for Violin at the Vienna State Academy of Music. His mother developed automatic writing, receiving messages in seventeen languages, many of them being evidential in character and often coming in mirror writing. In The Psychic Experiences of a Musician (1928), von Reuter gave a full analytical account of these phenomena.

His second book The Consoling Angel (1930), narrated the receipt of automatic-writing messages from a school friend of his mother's, including over three hundred proofs of identity, all dealing with matters totally unknown to von Reuter and his mother. Ernesto Bozzano considered the book to be one of the most evidential publications of the time.

A third book, A Musician's Talks with Unseen Friends (1931), is a record of automatic scripts received by von Reuter alone, dealing with ethical and philosophical matters, and given (as in the case of William Stainton Moses) by a band of communicators.

Later von Reuter and his mother also developed direct voice and received apport phenomena in their own circle. Von Reuter lectured on psychic matters all over Germany and the British Isles.
(from here)

And now I need those books.

Everyone who ever played here is insane! Don't even get me started on Rosemary Brown...


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