DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

I quite like Valentine's Day, in a general sense. I don't intend to be a bitch about it, at least. This does not, however, alter my plan to spend it with clockworkwasp hating everyone and watching Veronica Mars until snappy, slightly insane comebacks are all we know how to speak in. Yay!

Other than that, what? There was a visit to a fetish club last weekend, which was...a mistake (and if you were the guy there dressed to the nines as Darth Maul then no, your kink is not okay, and yes, we were singing the march every time you walked by. I don't care. Safe space, nothing. You were dressed as Darth goddamn Maul) and then mostly I've been, uh, not doing very much. There was cake. I've not been all that well. Missed work yesterday, going in tomorrow instead.

Today I have to suffer being prodded around by my mum and a dressmaker friend while they try to find enough fabric in the world to make a dress for me. This is my 'oh god, oh god, kill me, now, in the face' face.

Here, have a dancing porn star. The fact that he is a porn star is largely incidental. He dances like a gay, happy, happy, happy hamster.
Is it just me? I find this inordinately cheering. Oh, speaking of YouTube, I'd never actually seen before the video for Dead Or Alive's I'll Save You All My Kisses. I think it might be gayer than...anything...ever....ever.


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