DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

I am an angel in your eyes

Took asrana to see Varekai last night. I know I say this on coming out of every Cirque show (and I've seen five of them now) but I really do think it's the most beautiful of all of them, or at least, the one I would inevitably find most beautiful. I might actually bother writing something about why, at some point, but for now, FLYING TWIN BOYS is about all I can manage to come out with. (They were right there! Flying around above my head! God, really.)

Today I'm off to chez frozen_in_honey and at the weekend I seem to be going to one of those clubs. I'm not sure why. Anyway.

...FLYING TWIN BOYS, okay, I'm going to go and be sensible now. Possibly. TWIN. FLYING.

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