DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

sparksoflight and I inadvertantly ended up in a gambling den last night. We were just minding our own business in the city bar with the gay gay gay leopardprint upholstery and suddenly were surrounded by mildly posh gentlemen (and, I think, one woman) carrying a giant case of poker chips. London, you confuse me. It's been really good to see her again, though; the last year hasn't been a great one for maintaining friendships and it's very, very welcome to come out the other side of that and realise people are still prepared to hang out with me and listen to me go WHAT. SERIOUSLY. about things a lot.

Tonight features pancakes. Tomorrow features Cirque Du Soleil, watching twin boys fly through the sky and adore each other everything they present with equal devotion. yeah.

But now! work. I wonder how long it will be like this, dragging myself out of bed and then remembering that I don't really want to be anywhere more than I want to be at work, and being kind of happy. It's nice. It can't last, right?


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