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OMG! Thank you, emode.com!!!


Your Celebrity Match Is :

Every breath he takes, every move he makes — you love watching Sting, your celebrity match. The sexy English crooner is all man, from his wolfish smile to his oh-so-muscled chest. And talk about talented! Not only is he a hugely successful singer, but he can act, too (our favorite role? Billy Idol in that old Saturday Night Live skit). Plus, as if all that weren't enough, he's an activist, too, enthusiastically embracing causes like saving the rainforests. Since you're a sucker for aware, artistic Renaissance men, that makes the Stingster (aka Gordon Sumner) exactly your cup of tea. Sure, he may be married-with-children to Trudie Styler, but we just know that if he met you, he'd want to make you his very own "Roxanne." If you had your way, you'd be starting a brand new day with the spiritual, sensual star this very minute.

~eyes star over~


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