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Further adventures of Mr. Crazyperson

The sequel to this and this. Ye faga continuef. Here, in the third letter, the insanity climbs several rungs of the ladder - this is much longer, covered in handwritten scrawling (some of which is spelling corrections! so this one's less full of typos), and contains more obscenity than ever before!

Don't miss this fascinating insight into exactly what the Dalai Lama is capable of with the powers of his mind. Seriously. It may seem impenetrable at first, but if you make the effort, the rewards are...something. Especially paragraph 3. I'm going to leave it as it is overnight and then tomorrow I'll bold-text the best lines for those of you who can't bear to wade through all of it.


They purposely made the poster picture look like my "friend", they even know the day referred to, after she had had champagne, and said "It was just chit chat," because the mediocrity repo man grubs at the CIA cant make up anything by themselves, anyway. Her happy night would make Suzan jealous. JEALOUS The poster of the grinningly tipsy naked prostitute they made for a party on Queens day, made up by CIA. I want to give you two dollars, CIA director Tenet, for a poster of Bill Clintons scum sucking coward face, or your wife's dog asshole. Your poster of prostitute with a champagne glass that you left around Damrak and the red light district near Neiuwkerk. The CIA has enough guts to paY THEIR CONTACTS FIFTY DOLARS TO GO AND FUCK a sex worker, because someone befriended her, and as Hillary said, they wanted to fight sin with sin, to dirty her with sex in their eyes, to poison the affection that built up between her and me. As Suzan Goldberg, said "I fucked your old lady."

In your mothers stinking face, MR Tenet, you brown noser cock licker bitch. Licker of shit off a dick. Fuck you in Suzan goldberg's lying face, Tenet. In hillary Clintons lying face. You gutter squatting cocklicker CIA vomit. Fuck you in Jeff golbergs lying mouth, you brown noser. slandering constitution fucking liar. You should go celebrate Queens Day in the CIA Catholic Chapel underneath the american consulate, men only. Dalai will suck, for two dollars.

The Dalia Lama affecting my dick, to convince me I am homo, as per Hilary and Suzans orders, as special CIA. I look at a man at breakfast, and Dalia Lama vibrates strongly into my penis at Suzans orders and Hillary, says, "Isn't that homosexual attraction?" Defiling MALE SEXUALITY like A bitter male bash Feminist. The Ted Kennedy philosophy, Make men feel ashamed of heterosexuality, then start licking their pelvis with a Tibetan lama by telepathy or jerk off to their picture in the next room. Teds favorite. Dallad. JFK Fr. 1964-1999 He made John + Caroline call him father.

The Dali Lama numbs my legs so that I feel "powerless." Then paid CIA jostle me in the street, and this is supposed to be deep psychology, the Dalia Lamas ball kissing, cock kising, leg warming, no evidence. how clever. Body tremnling mental erasure Tantric bull shit. ORGASM; They symbolically "beat me up" while sending men to FUCK HER. The press is afraid to investigate the story that the Dalia Lmaa is hising in Amsterdam, to harass one sixty two year old tourist for the CIA, and against Dutch law, but the Dutch are busy not believing the story when the public tells it, but believing Ed Kennedy and Hilary Clinton and George Tenet, who lie through their ass.

Their lie is that I threatened a federal agent, female, or that MY HIDDEN mind threatened her, or that I might be a russian because I exposed Peggy Noonan as an imposter and only a Russian, they claim would want to do that although they know I did it by acxident. So the spy charge is fake. Bernie POlgar. You fairy. You fat sick fairy

The Falai Lama hides in Amsterdam, for Hillary, Ed and CIA. Bill Clinton cant tear his wife's fat thighs from my scrawny sixty two year old turkey jewish neck. Her covetously envious belly cant bear certain tunes I play on guitar. (The DaLI Lama sex rays my arm.) My walking style, my drawings, and I charm waitresses, giving them fits of envious covetousness. The Dalai Lama tantric cocking my arm as I passed Albert Hejn, a store, on my way to the post office. Suzan Goldberg was sure that using the King's tantric love projection, she could "homosexualize" me, the way she did to her husband, Jeff, and John Jr. Ed's hobby.

To cure the male of desiring women, to wipe out "sexual desire," Hilary says. Why shOuldn't I? in answer to my doctored diaries from 1971. Hillary is visiting reprisals on me, for every offence ever imagines by an inventive feminist college professor. All her misogynies, come down to her false rape accusation. She never interviewed the supposed victim. Potiphar's wife. Cindy and Carol.

Suzan Goldberg, according to herself, "fucked my old lady." continuing to send the three thousand CIA contacts to my prostitute friend to "hurt me horribly" You have the lamas make my bowels sick, so you can laugh at how you are preoccupying me with LIES while you send agents to the red light district with fifty dollars. Hillary says, "I am afraid he will go over there," "to take revenge on the girl," because CIA is sending agents to fuck her, Hilary says, though she saw me only talk to her for two months, and then stop going when she said she was too busy to just talk. Hillary says she is afraid, though, so the Dalia Lama distracts me for two hours, and they send more agents to fuck my friend, because it makes them feel powerful in hatred. Ed and Suzan are that sick. CIA.

After I played billiards last night, while their agents were fucking my friend, and they were pretending to be her, in another discussion: I went to my hotel room and the Dalia Lama "softens my anus" to discourage my criticism of their human rights crimes. Bill, and Ted's way of getting back, because I am fresh to their ilegal surveillance. The Dalia Lama hiding in Amsterdam where the press is afraid to report on the famous pimp and liar. This illegal detention and torture and menticide was done to pretend that the Goldbergs were experts, and therefore justify their use on John Jr, and Hillary's wish to prosecute a "class action against male sexuality," as she has called it.

Thus they cruelly and unusually interfere with my mind (with a relgious excuse, the USA) and while I am believing some other lie, they send agents to fuck my friend, and Suzan Goldberg says, "I fucked your old lady." only meaning she sent CIA contaCTS TO "fight sin with sin," as Hilary put it. though she "did not like that part of it."

At breakfast I look at a man. Hil-Sue has the Dalia Lama vibrate into my penis, then she says "Isn't that homosexual attraction. Don't you have homosexual desire now?" Ted Kennedy likes to beat down male sexuality and make men feel guilty for heterosexuality, strangely agreeing with Hilary and the Dalia Lama's views. In the street, the Dalia Lama (from hiding) numbs my legs, so thatr I feel "powerless" then paid CIA jostle me in the street. To make me feel weak and helpless. "Unconsciously" knowing CIA is fucking my friend. CIA is afraid I saw Ed Kennedy commit a homo act in 1958, to them a clue to Dallas.


PS I know it seems very sad, as well as bizarre and hysterical, but at the end of the story lies a pot of gold for Mr. Nameremoved, I promise. Also, no, it's not a fake. I promise you that, too.

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