DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Martin's Second Letter

Following last night's post, here is the second letter from the man (not called Martin) who thinks the CIA, Clinton, etc, etc, etc. This is relatively short - and sane - compared to the next one. But it's still worth it. You know it is.
Oh, I meant to say it's mostly JFK Jr., not JFK himself. You know, if it alters your artistic appreciation or anything.


Prime minister, Finance Minister, Defence Minister, dirty lyinbg scum. John Kennedy Jr.'s blood is in your dirty voyeur mouthes, since you helped Bill Clinton, Hillary, Jeff Sue and ED Kennedy in 1997, with snuff film fag orgies for the Clinton administration over JFK Jr. Worth a nuclear submarine.

You helped Ed, Jeff Sue and Hilary torture JFK into suicide, and you run ads about pity for animals.

When the plane crashed into the building, George Tenet, head of CIA was watching the Dalai lama suck a sixty three year old man's dick telepathically, with his penis advisor, Hillary Clinton, a US Senator, in Amsterdam, with the murderer of JFK and JFK Fr, ED Kennedy.

And they sent fucks to the red light district to "dirty weomen with sin, fight sin with sin," and hurt Mr Titus's sex urge, or penis. George Tenet was looking for terrorists in the red light district of Amsterdam.

When the plane hit the building, Bil Clintopn was sukcing EDd kenedy's cock, whiel h9i wife whgiped his balls, and svcreamed abuse words. The COIA dirdetor was guarding thenm, and the Dala Lama was there, as pimp, at the Hotel Granbd, i Anmsterdam.

Last sentence = best thing so far. I keep wanting to write it into a country song or something. It has rhythm.

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