DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

'Twas on a Thursday morning the gasman came to call, and it took him and my dad about eight hours to 'fix' the heating here.

Now the heating claims to be off, but is on, unless you turn the dial right to nought, although dad says it should be off if it's set to 'off', unless it's during the times when it's supposed to come on. Which it doesn't. And the hot water, which dad claims has nothing to do with the boiler and they didn't touch (allegedly), no longer works, unless you switch it on, although dad says it should only work if set to 'off', and even when you switch it on it only works a) after twenty minutes and b) for an hour.

While he was here doing that, he went to get us spare keys cut, and in subsequently trying to get the new key to fit the base lock with the aid of a) vegetable oil and b) a screwdriver, screwed up both the key and the lock, so now the old key doesn't work in the lock either. (We can still lock our door. We can still lock our door securely. It's just funny.)

All that and the last ever B-Movie tonight, too. Which I will be at, along with, I hope, many of you.


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