DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

It really is about time I made some kind of Post, isn't it?

I've been muddling along, mostly sorting things out and learning to live with a flatmate again - sanssommeil came over in September and it's sort of been a bit manic since then, with rounds of work, not being very well, shopping at Lush a lot and possibly falling for a singer who's far too old for me. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of being me and to that end December is going to be full of clubbing. Probably.

I'm all right, just tired a lot, and the longer I go without posting to LJ, the less able to post again I become, hence the, what, almost three months without content here. :) I'd apologise, but I can't imagine it's been truly desolate without what I would have been posting, which is mostly girly squeaking about perfume. Seriously. Well, you know how I get with my obsessions.

Anyway, today is work and coffee with nisaba, which is of the good. Unfortunately I have The Plague TM, which is less good, but hopefully by the time I get to work I'll feel better. Maybe? Who knows.

[insert long ramble about perfume here]. Much love. I don't forget you, you know, I just forget myself.

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