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It is "Indigo" by Moloko, and it makes no sense, but it's SO DAMN COOL.

Quotes lyrics :

Rameses! Colossus! Rameses! Colossus!


Indigo here we go oh
Indigo here we go oh oh oh
Indigo here we go oh
Indigo here we go oh oh oh

Do you know the hue of my new blue jeans?
Can you judge the mood of the preteens?
Shrink my dreams to fit me with those laser beams.
To roll with rollerina is never quite as it seems.

Rameses! Colossus! Rameses! Colossus!

Indigo here we go oh
Indigo here we go oh oh oh...

You only wanna be in a garage band...
You know you wanna give the gong a bang...
But nothing ever works out as you planned...
You only ever seem to can the canned...

You're mixing with felons, man -
Pull out the stops!

Rameses! Colossus! Rameses! Colossus!

~dances LOTS~


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