DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

This morning, I dreamed that cavalorn descended unexpectedly on my flat to talk about Harry Potter conventions. He tidied my bathroom and under all the clutter he discovered a nineteen-year-old chinese slavegirl dressed as a ballet dancer. I decided I should probably make sure there was nothing similarly alarming in my bedroom so I went in to try to find the light switch only, in the dark, I heard breathing coming from my bed. Rather than being scared I was intrigued; I found the light, turned it on, and from the middle of my bed came a family of four echidnas. They pottered across the floor and out the cat flap in my front door. Then I woke up.

...help WHAT. WHAT.

Work again today! and then seeing the wife tonight for big-haired comedians and then almost certainly B-Movie. Hurrah.

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