DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,


Wednesday the fabulous clockworkwasp took me out for cupcakes. AT LAST. I am now in love. (With the cupcakes, not with her, although I adore her as always.) We discussed sex wizards, itemised bills and why the ancient Egyptian gods might get me laid. It was marvellous and must be done again.

Yesterday, dentist. Five injections! Five! Sigh. Never mind, at least now I can sleep, or could if not for spending every moment of my life chatting to the sanssommeil :)

I'm at work now (yes, I know) and then tomorrow asrana is whisking me off to her flat for the day. Life is good.

It really is. But I miss my wife.


PS No, Emily. You are not allowed to steal the pictures of the cute pianist you have always had a crush on. The point of keeping an archive is that you keep an archive.
No, no, nor the ones of Ian Bostridge. Grow up.

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