DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,


I am still working. It is still brilliant.

Realised I'd not mentioned what it is I'm actually doing, so - I am working in the tiny room full of box files and piles of crap archive department of the Wigmore Hall (concert hall up by Oxford Circus). What am I doing? Mostly everything. The archive's full of jobs that people started doing and got disenchanted with, or had to abandon to go and do something else. I on the other hand have nothing whatsoever better to do with my days (unless it's sit on the internet. but y'know) and so now every Tuesday and Friday you will find me sitting at a desk going through box after box after box of promotional photographs of people no-one remembers any more and sorting programmes from 1906 featuring 'Bino, the child prodigy violinist from Worthing'.

Seriously, I could only be having more fun if it included pop music as well. And yesterday I did find a picture of a guy called Ian who looked like Jimmy Savile and was holding up what looked like the guts of a washing machine atop a caption that read 'Ian [something] - digitone'. Some obscure 60s electronic instrument used in classical music. FANTASTIC.

Everything else? Well, I'm a bit shaky still. But work is The Good Thing and so I'm keeping my eyes set on that, or trying to. Yes, I read The Book. No, I'm not going to write about it here.

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