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Fortunately, my head is screwed on.

This morning was spent in The Hunt For The Lost NI Number.

The good news : found it!
The...other good news : need it for work, as they've decided to pay me anyway.
The other other good news : work on Tuesday was basically the best thing ever.

So that's nice. :) Tell you more after I go back for another day on Friday; don't want to jinx it too much by going on about it. But look! All that good news.

Anyone on my kittensounds Flist who might not have seen this yesterday, feel free to go inspire me if you so wish. Or, you know, random suggestions from anyone will be good.

Today : therapy, hours of cross stitch. Tomorrow : work, BFC. Will leave here at 1.45 and not be back online until Saturday morning, so get anything important in now. :) Means I won't see those of you heading off to FRANCE! again before you leave so, good luck and have fun. xxx

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