DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Hi. :) Thank you, everyone who commented to the weekend post of Why Things Are Wrong. Not out from under the cloud yet, but I'm sure it'll pass eventually. Even if at the moment pictures of cupcakes are making me cry because they're too pretty and I shouldn't be allowed near them because I'll taint them with my ugliness.
...seriously, I mean, what? This being insane lark is a laughable business at times. The demon voices are BANNING ME FROM CAKE. What on earth.

Things that are good, however :

* I have work! WORK! It's not going to pay me anything, but I do get to crawl around going through dusty box files of classical music archives, and if I had money I'd pay people to let me do that, so, y'know. Off to find out more about this tomorrow morning.

* This song is amazing.

* My godmother has apparently bought me a USB turntable as a birthday/christmas present. This, as I'm sure you realise, is fantastic. Also, it means once it turns up I can convert any vinyl any of you might want converted. Do let me know. Otherwise, prepare to have your Flist bombarded by the Sloane Rap at least once a week for a while. :)

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