DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

[geek help]?

So, okay. clockworkwasp lent me her shiny headset-with-microphone for the purposes of talking through gtalk, and I can't make the microphone work, either across the ocean or indeed with the sound recorder. Before I go and buy another headset, could there be more than the obvious reason (i.e. the thing is broken) why it's not working?

I have : tried plugging it into both the microphone jack in my speakers and the microphone jack in the back of my PC. Tried every possible option in the Control Panel for 'Sound Recording' and essentially fiddled with every setting that had a microphone icon near it. Restarted. Made sure no part of the system volume is muted or down very low.

I am at a loss. Any clues before I go and spend money?

Edit : fixed, somehow. Thank you. <3

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