DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Never let it be said that my family can't get even more annoying. After at least three occasions of my dad going on about how ugly mum was as a child (...WTF really) I was already not in the best of moods last night, and then my nan has to come up and start in on how her hairdresser spent an hour today telling her what a shame it was - I'd be such a pretty girl if only I'd wear some makeup, it seemed like a waste and someone should have a go at me.

'Have a go at' me? Excuse me? What?

Never mind. Party's over, mum had a good time, that's what's important. Mask mask mask. I was perfectly charming to everyone and presumably did her proud or she wouldn't be speaking to me this morning. I am however fed up and reminded of why I come down here so rarely and why I hate these wretched events.

Back to London soon. If anyone tries to 'have a go at' me I shall have a go at them.

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