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Meme III & IV

From therosewilde :

Homosexual relationships at university I stole from the tiny little Have I Got News For You slash community. I don't know, it made me laugh. :) And it is an interest, in that it's Brideshead and similar as well as the mocking of TV comedians.

JuJu Babies were a bloody marvellous, utterly unhinged performance-art-electropop band formed by Stix, one of the DJs from Electric Dreams. They are now defunct due to the evils of a special kind of paranoia, but while they were around they sounded like this and brought sound, light, electrical tape and freaky dancing to the tiny stages of London. But hey, now we've got Dubious.

Hating the Libertines is something that every self-respecting human (and probably some intelligent animals of other kinds) should be doing at least once a day. Concentratedly, passionately, totally. They were already a band with pretty much no musical redeeming features, even before the media realised that Pete Doherty was something other than your run-of-the-mill frontman. Their music aside - because that's how relevant it is - he is an utter failure as a human being. He is so phenomenally pointless that I cannot imagine what led people to pay attention to him in the first place; now, of course, it is because we love to watch someone publicly disintegrating. The only thing worse than the wretched Libertines is Babyshambles, as they a) are sans Carl Barat, who was the one with the shreds of musical talent, and b) sound like someone beating The Libertines to death with dustbin lids, which is surprisingly unsatisfying.
I hate everything about The Libertines, but most of all Pete Bastard Doherty. Also, this article is one of the saddest and most frightening things I have ever read. Please, everyone, just let's pretend none of this ever happened.


And from spikeylady :

Go you big red fire engine! is the slogan of the phenomenally lovely and brilliant Australian comedian Adam Hills. There is a long story behind it, but essentially, it's an ad lib an audience member came out with one day that somehow struck such a chord with our Mr. Hills that he found himself repeating it under his breath whenever he needed to do something new or scary or exciting or whatever. In his live show of the same name he went round the world convincing people to print it in the magazines they worked on, to include it in the code they wrote, to shout it from the top of mountains or whatever, as long as it got passed on. When I listened to the recording of the show it was 3am and I was in agony with my back and had been wondering vaguely what the point of everything was. It hit me like a cartoon explosion and I suddenly decided everything was going to be all right. Besides, he wants it propogated, so I do.
GO YOU BIG RED FIRE ENGINE. It's the most important thing in the world some days, along with Defying Gravity. :)

Art Deco is my favourite art movement; the pre-raphaelite movement may have produced what are probably my favourite paintings, but art deco went one further and gave us a wealth of amazing furniture, architecture, clothes, jewellery and just about every other aspect of design. I don't have any favourite examples because I've not studied it as closely as I want to, but it would probably be moot anyway because there appears to be nothing of period art deco style that I don't love to look at. No other kind of art gives me an actual spike of excitement just on seeing it. There is nothing about it I do not love.

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