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Also, meme.

From sparksoflight : Comment and I will give you 3 interests on your list for you to explain about.
There's also a meme floating about saying Comment with 3 of my interests or my icons and I will explain about them, which you can do instead if you've always wondered about, say, the surreptitious placing of mushrooms in trees.

A.S.J. Tessimond is a 20th century poet whose poems my dad used to court my mother. The poem of his most people are familiar with, if any, is Cats, which is both unsentimental and unnerving and is rather more brilliant than the more twee efforts one usually gets. He also wrote If Men Were Not Striped Like Tigers and various other pieces of cynical and slightly surreal excellence. Nobody much has heard of him and I think he is probably my favourite obscure poet. (Every girl should have one.)


What's in your dressing-up box means the clothes you wear but also the clothes you would love to wear or the clothes you wear in your head when no-one's looking. Seriously, I am interested in this. It's also a byword/phrase for being interested in people's masks and costumes and internal frontispieces and what people see when they look in the mirror and also quite literal dressing-up boxes because the weirdest stuff ends up in those.


Defying gravity is new, and is the title of a number from Wicked, a musical which is almost certainly going to be instrumental in having changed my life at some point. The song is here and musically speaks for itself. If I tried to explain why Wicked is so amazing we'd be here all day. Go and see it.

Might have to wait till tomorrow for comments though, as I'm out of the netcafe soon and not home until then. :)

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