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Crazy lady with a shovel!

Last night I watched Howl's Moving Castle, finally. It is an excellent and beautiful film, even though, much like Spirited Away, there are an uncanny number of things in it that trip my phobias. (I wonder why that is. No, honestly, I really do, I don't get it.) Howl is indeed a big goth blouse and Christian Bale's voice is the sexiest thing ever (even whilst playing a big goth blouse) and I found it all adorable.

Tonight asrana and I watched Night At The Museum. It sucks in a very special kind of way. Special. Clutching-of-hands shouting "Why are we still watching this? Why?" special. Owen Wilson is its shining redeeming feature, as he is in so many films. I love him and his crazy Southern nose and how he's basically sunshine somehow packed into a human body. Other than that, though, wow, it's bad. I shall inflict it on adjectivemarcus posthaste.

Also it's full of Egyptian stuff that really got my back up. But we don't talk about that.


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