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You know, people's behaviour away from Belgravia would make you aghast

Continuing our theme of having good moments at last and 2007 hopefully not being the year from hell mark II, this weekend was kind of brilliant. I went down to Sussex to join in a requiem and ended up being asked to do a concert with the charming baritone soloist - which is an enormously good thing as it's about time I started singing again, and also because he has very lovely eyes. Oh, and my parents weren't insane, and gave me chocolate. Which was also good.

Then on Saturday there was a party over at the conflux & thekumquat place, which was bloody great in all aspects. Hurray for being able to go to parties and enjoy myself there again, hurray for lovely people, hurray for booklectic who lends me clothes, hurray for stuff and things and kittens. And plastic swords. And stuff.

And last night I was visited by an unexpected hazejam! Which was also very lovely. Today I am with booklectic & company and kind of wishing I'd got any sleep since Saturday, which I pretty much haven't. But never mind! I'm still smiling. Albeit slightly manically. :)

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