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News headlines, I suppose

* Oh my god, I have got the internet sorted. Within two weeks I will have broadband in my flat. MUSIC. TALKING TO PEOPLE. CONTACT. YAY. Ahem. This is a good thing.

* Last night I went to see my English teacher from prep school and had a very long and somewhat surreal conversation with her about everything that's happened since I left. She was suitably horrified by most of it. Validation! It's a good feeling, children.

* A few things have sorted themselves out. I feel better. It's a deeply inconvenient fact of life that things will always sort themselves out right in the middle of when you're screaming about how they will never ever ever be sorted and how unfair life is and so forth. It is the Bitchslap Of Coincidence and it's humiliating but useful. There's a lesson to be learned in there somewhere.

* I am still plowing my way through this (for reasons unclear) and realised last night that the most annoying group of characters in the history of fiction are elves. I am so sick of elves. Bloody elves! 'Lady Alhana Starbreeze' indeed. That's not a breathtaking name imbued with timeless glory and dignity; that's a My Little Pony. Disagree with me if you can.

I feel better. Can you tell?

Edit : Also, the Mighty Boosh website's official mailout is the best thing ever. Ever.

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