DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

That was a good night, over at the Betty Ford Clinic hanging around clockworkwasp like a lost cat and being introduced to people and contemplating being a homewrecker and stuff. I shouldn't have danced at all as this morning I am in absolute agony (and only got two hours' broken sleep passing-out) but Nils played 'Discotheque Francais', so I had to, really. Ow. I'm utterly manic now because I haven't had a more than a couple of hours' sleep in almost a week and also because many amusing things occurred last night and I haven't been able to talk to anyone about them because it is Saturday morning and no-one else is awake, like usual. Never mind, there's probably cookery on the TV, I should go home.

Also, this is rather brilliant and true. I hate the Magic Numbers.
And I loathe Gino D'Acampo. Will someone please employ the idiot in a useful capacity in a restaurant so he no longer has time to be on every TV show ever to mention the word 'saucepan'?

Oh god I wish I could sleep.

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