DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

In brief

1) Still no internet, and for some reason I can't manage to compose thought-out interesting posts in a netcafe, so this will have to do.

2) Went to see Matinee Club (as was once The Modern) last night. We have all got to start going to see them again. They were wonderful and we need to start to rebuild the momentum they once had. I miss Robert very much, however.

3) They were preceded by these lunatics, who were amazingly enjoyable in the way that only a cross between Andy Bell and Mr Darcy having an epileptic fit flanked by two extras from a 1920s am-dram devised piece being repeatedly electrocuted could possibly be. I shall be going to see them again.

4) I am having a rough week. So, apparently, are many other people. Love to you all.

5) Oh yeah, and last night on my way home I was surrounded by drunken men shouting abuse at me, but it's very hard to take them seriously when what they're shouting is "You're fat! You look like...Meatloaf! Meatloaf!" and you're wearing a ballgown and corset. God, I wouldn't have liked to be at that Meatloaf gig.


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