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Obligatory post about the weekend's TV :)

Primeval ran like that old school joke, didn't it?

There's going to be a second series! Hurray!
But Helen had an affair with Stephen! WTF I think not.
But now we're in another universe with no Claudia so perhaps it only happened in that universe and not in the one we'd been in up till now! Hurray!
But the whole of Series II will be devoted to Nick obsessing about finding Claudia! Oh joy.
But with no Claudia there'll be much more interaction between Stephen and Nick! Hurray!
But quite a bit of it might involve Nick punching Stephen because the writers were so determined to avoid the gay! Sigh.
And so forth. I was surprisingly disappointed with it as a final episode, actually, although that could just be because the writers broke my heart at the end. Being a good little slasher I immediately (without even thinking about it) assumed that the affair had only taken place in this crazy parallel universe Nick's found himself in; I doubt the writers will be so giving. Maybe I should go and club them around the head until they agree to.

Other things I caught this weekend : Shipwrecked, which I am still finding absolutely fascinating because, I think, of how young everyone in it is - you get to watch them changing and finding out who they are and I find that much more interesting than the worthier alternative offered by BBC1. Also the final of Masterchef which was, frankly, all wrong. Now I want to get a lift down to Cheltenham next time my mum goes there and go and track down Ben and his cheese shop. ("Competition - win Ben for a night!" Good lord, yes, please.)

Also, obviously, the joy of last night's 100 greatest standup comedians. There was a certain amount of 'what, no [whomever]' but it was, nevertheless, an enjoyable experience for someone with 'being obsessed with comedians' in her interests list. Can someone kidnap Chris Addison for me, by the way? I always have liked him but I keep forgetting just how much.

Anyway. That was the television and now this week is going to involve a lot of me lying down and not moving. It's also, perhaps less sensibly, going to involve me going clubbing twice and going out to see the ITGB, but that, damn it, is worth breaking my back for any day. :) Much love to all.

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