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Here be dragons.

Seriously, you should have seen the entry I just wrote and then deleted. It was a long, intense auto-discussion about how utterly fucking amazing this week's Primeval was, and how much and totally it moved me, and how I would in terms of sophistication compare it in places with The Doctor Dances (probably my favourite single piece of television this decade). And then I thought, why am I writing this? Who am I writing this for?

So I deleted it. But it was brilliant. The episode, I mean, not the entry - the entry was self-indulgent, although honest.

It was brilliant, and I am really frightened to look and see what anyone else thought about it, because all through the episode I could hear the sound of people around the country potentially Not Getting It.
Which would have been a shame. Because it was heartbreaking, and very, very, very good.


Totally unrelated PS : Oh my god. I want this SO BADLY.
Don't mind me.
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