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Could not get out of bed this morning, having woken extremely abruptly from a dream in which I had to rescue my nan's garden from tiny dinosaurs. I blame Primeval. 'Jesse' was there; he had sponsored the dinosaurs as part of an anti-government protest and was sitting on my nan's chimney dressed as Bert from Mary Poppins. HELP.

Anyway. I am awake now and have reread Good Omens this morning to discover, much to my amusement at myself, that last time I read it an awful lot of the Soho references were lost on me. How did I survive as long as I did without knowing anything about anything? Man. I have also just booked a ticket I can't afford for a single launch I can't possibly miss. I have no self-control over music.

Sorry, bit scattered this morning but good, still good. :) Much love to all.

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