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New flat! Oh man. It's fantastic.

Move went pretty much without hitch, thanks to two charming Caribbean men who apparently take all their strength from God. Thank you, God, for lifting my bed down two flights of stairs. I appreciate it.
A few things broken, but nothing some superglue or a new sheet of framing glass won't fix. The built-in shelves are holding most of my books already. The flat is gorgeous. It's gorgeous. This morning I got up and sat in the study and a squirrel ran past outside. I am going to be happy there.

But for now I am back in Elephant & Castle for a few days, until new place is a bit more liveable and stuff. Have a net cafe in the shopping centre, will travel. seph_hazard was an utter star and came round last night to keep me company; asrana is over tonight, there's Garlic & Shots tomorrow and then asrana is cooking me duck at the weekend. Dude. Things are looking up already, right? Right. :)

Even my parents have been great. I feel hopeful.

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