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I had a pretty fantastic night last night, really. clockworkwasp is a star of the first order and so are ciphergoth and spikeylady; it was brilliant to spend some time talking to seph_hazard and moral_vacuum; pretty much everyone else, also, is rather lovely and SEOne is still one of my favourite places to be. I will be going back and hopefully so will everyone else plus eye candy. There was not enough nondenominational eye candy which led to me falling over myself to stare at The Crush That Will Not Die all night. Oh well. :)

It was good to be out with friends and feel safe and comfortable and as though I'd a place there. I (and others) have beaten a lot of demons to be in that place and it. felt. great. So I am feeling optimistic today, although now I have to go and ring the Estate Agents again and try to sort some things out very fast indeed.

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