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Happy Day of Things. I had a particularly lovely evening yesterday round at childeric and zoo_music_girl's, having dinner and listening to lots of unlikely music and rather enjoying most of it. I have missed them a great deal, it was brilliant to spend some time with them. Thank you both. xxx

Also, I know I've said this to some people already, but I'm pretty certain I've got that flat, so I will be moving soon (though I'm not sure when yet, exactly) and that is essentially the Best News Ever. I am spending tonight with sparksoflight being absurd and fangirly, which is also very good. Things are all right, really, mostly. :)

audiography are currently holding a 'sexiest songs' week, by the way. There's some marvellous stuff up there, you should go and look.

Have a good day, whatever you're up to.
Edit : And to whoever it is who's a bit intimidated by me (this happens every year and I still don't know what it is I'm doing that's so alarming :) - drop me an e-mail and let me know who you are? I'm really not intimidating and also I don't believe in anonymity for these things, I want to know who you are! Please?

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