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I am so braindead at the moment, but I've had a good weekend and I've got things to look forward to this week (even above and beyond Hollyoaks) so I should be all right really. I wish vinyl wasn't so difficult to pack in such a way that it can also be lifted. I also wish I could have split myself in two and gone back to Cambridge with notintheseheels. And I also wish the car alarm round the corner wasn't so damn enthusiastic.

...yes. This is a post with some stuff in purely so I can go 'also, this, again'
My Valentinr - duranorak

I am absurd. :) It's a good time to say though that I've not left many people Valentine's this year, mainly because if I love you, I tell you so all the time, if I have a crush on you I'm incapable of hiding it unless you're, say, Preacher and I've never spoken to you in my life (and even then I bet he knows me as that girl in the corset with a crush on him), and if neither of those things are true I refuse to leave something just to make someone feel better. I think I've left three, and I've signed them all, and only one of them might be unexpected.

Because someone very unexpected showed up at B-Movie the other night I've been reading back through some old journal entries and marvelling at how young I was and how young I didn't think I was. I know it's true of everybody, but it's frightening. No wonder I got so badly damaged. Sigh. Oh well, therapy later today :) Yet more bits of my past I've forgotten to go over with him. Joy unbounded, how do I explain this one?

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