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Bother that new fandom thing where vanishingly few people have seen the show yet and there's no-one online to talk to about hot lab technicians. Sigh.

In other news, I went to B-Movie on Friday night. Good things - danced for the first time since doing my back in last year, saw some lovely people, could barely take my eyes off the guy I've got the longest-running stalker crush on. (I wish I could speak to him. I may have to outlaw suits as some kind of health hazard. I nearly died.) Really unexpected people turned up as well, though, and there are at least three people I sincerely wish I'd thrown a drink over. What unbelievable bastards people can be, honestly.

But it was, on the whole, a good night. And then, as previously mentioned, Primeval was great. And, uh. I have done nothing much else. I really should be packing but I'm very bad at that, so instead I'm hanging around online wishing someone would talk to me about hot lab technicians called Stephen. And dinosaurs and that.


Seriously. I am considering tracking the bastards down and throwing belated drinks in their faces. People get away with way too much.

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