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Adam Hills's marvellous if unorthodox sometime webmaster has sent me choco gems in the post. So much for any attempt to stop eating this week. Oh well. Next week will do.

devalmont : A relationship with someone who treated me as such? Who knows, really. We may never get to find out.

reindeerflotila : Not to a Malcom Mclaren's 'Double Dutch' level, but technically, yes. Can anyone not?

death_by_spork : Because she's pretty. If she weren't so unbelievably pretty her cheeriness would be really annoying.

barrysarll : It's never too late to hear anything you have to say, even if it's about computer stuff. :) Indeed I am enormously cheered every time I see your username anywhere near my journal, as well you know.

incorruptibles : Absolutely, and with colds more than anything. It's so DISMAL. Sigh. Get well soon. *hug*

My entire brain is now playing Lego Star Wars of its own accord.

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