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I don't know why I'm using this icon.

* We have put an offer in on the flat we saw today. Please keep things crossed for me. Please please please. I want to talk about it but I won't in case something doesn't go right.

* I had such a great weekend with sparksoflight that I feel moved to document the fact. :) We went to the V&A and wandered down the Kings Road and went in the MAC shop and now I need a job because I must own everything.

deathboy : A note from its therapist reminding it that its appointment has been moved, plus all the usual nonsense and a button.

rathenar : Today, yes. Generally, maybe.

robinbloke : Have you got Kiss + Swallow by IAMX? I think you might like it. It's not so much bouncy though. Alternatively, get the Robopop : The Return compilation - that is. :)

ankaret : No, and I don't think it's enough to get me to watch it. She is lovely though. Also *pointless but genuine hugs*.

seph_hazard : I know you do. *hug* I'm steady at the moment, prone to collapse any minute; there is no point blogging about that. :)

ms_katonic : Depends what you're measuring it by. Kirsty could probably have kept going for longer because her voice is technically better, but I'd rather listen to Siouxsie :)

therosewilde : International Synthesiser Day on the 8th June. Blue, is it? Do you know why?

moral_vacuum : Temporarily, yes. Thank goodness. I think my sticking out the not speaking to dad until he said sorry (ish), and my mum meeting my therapist, has shaken some sense into them a tiny tiny bit.

sparksoflight : Invariably.

lupie_stardust : You want songs or an album?

hunterxtc : Six foot exactly.

notintheseheels : Oh, you. Lucy, because it would be funny to put her in a state of distress. I'd demand a mouthgard first though, one of those things rugby players wear. How ghastly. And I have indeed, I can't wait and wish you were here to watch it with.

nannyo : I'm not sure I've ever heard of him! Have I? I don't remember having done so, anyway, I've no idea who he is. I lose :)

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